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Beautifully Flawd

myStyle:Night Out.

Its evening time and I am heading out for drinks…thought I’d shoot a quick video to show you what I was wearing. I could never go wrong with a fresh tee and jeans but to dress it up I added the fur coat and heels. It was fun! Next time you decided to wear a simple t shirt and jeans outfit,pair it with cool accessories, a jacket or a vest then top it all off with some bad ass shoes.

Coat: Thrift

Tee: American Eagle

Jeans: DIY (my “last minute ripped jeans”)

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Accessories: Boutique

Morning Inspiration: Floral Portrait.




Natural Belle

myStyle: Relax.






Dress: Thrited

Shoes: Aldo

Jacket: Forever21


Beautifully Flawd.




I wanted to give you some background of how Beautifully Flawd came about. You may think this is just a blog or  saying on a shirt, but this means more to me than that.  I have been through a lot in life and I used to be ashamed of who I was.   I compared myself to other people and how they were living. I thought that since my life was different then I wasnt normal or good enough.  I hated and blamed myself for how things were.  As I got older I grew tired of feeling that way. So I decided one day that it would stop.  I decided to embrace the experiences I went through and accept them.  I realized that God put me on earth for a reason and it wasnt a mistake for me to go through what I did. Because of it I am much stronger and wiser.   Sure I still have insecurities and everyday isnt peachy, but I have different outlook on things.

I came up with Beautifully Flawd as a brand to inspire others to be comfortable in their own skin. We are all unique individuals that have gone through experiences that have made us who we are.  We don’t have to look like who society wants us to look like and we don’t have to dress or act like how it’s written in the book. We should be proud of our differences.  No one is perfect and with this brand, being imperfect is the perfect thing.  The logo for my brand (gun will flowers) represents toughness with beauty.  Guns are weapons but they also represent strength and dominance.  Though they have the reputation of violence and killing,  they also protect.  The flowers on the gun are the beauty. The “beauty” in the flaw.  They’ve bloomed from the darkness and still rose above adversity.   Some of us have been to hell and back, some may still be in hell, and some may have been lucky enough to live a flawless life…whichever you may be, just accept and be proud of who you are and believe that you have the power to transform your life into something beautiful.  Everyday is a new day for you to takeover the muthafukkin world. #BeautifullyFlawd



Happy Valentines Day. I have no valentine this year so I’m going to close the curtains, lock my doors then indulge myself in girl scout cookies and trash tv as soon as I get home…Bahumbug.

IMG_6224(who needs a new dye job? *raises hand*)



IMG_6247This dress is so romantic. I found it at a thrift store a few months back. Thought I pair it with cowboy boots to give it a western feel.  YeeHoe.


Chris P Images

Dress: Vintage

Boots: Steve Madden

Accessories: Boutique and Handmade